NYP TriStars will promote the enjoyment of triathlon within our region by creating a fun, ethical and inclusive children’s club to support triathletes of all abilities at all stages of their development. With a significant focus on participation and grass roots, we will also nurture high performance.



• We value a diverse range of members and aim to provide coaching for all when possible.

• We value the thrill of physical activity and the satisfaction of achievement, in whatever form that may come.

• We support children to take responsibility for their own actions.

• We value physical and emotional safety of our members.


• We believe that enjoyment and participation is more important than race results.

• We believe in continual development.

• We care about the needs of the family.

• We pay attention to the detail.


• The administration of the NYP TriStars will be professional, transparent and fair; all duties will be carried out honestly and with integrity.

• NYP TriStars believes in fair and equal treatment for all persons involved with the club. Community

• We will care for the environment in which we train.

• We will support and co-operate with the local community in which we train.