From TriStars to Triathlon Universities

From TriStars to Triathlon Universities

We’ve followed two of our former TriStars as they continue their triathlon training beyond TriStars and into universities. In October 2017 they made the transition to university life and Phoebe Greensit is in Loughborough whilst Will Cunningham is in Leeds. Both have strong triathlon opportunities for students. Here is what they had to say…

Phoebe Greensit: Loughborough University

I joined Loughborough Student’s Triathlon club in my first week at university and its one of the main reasons I’m having such a good time. I have met some fab people (triathletes always are) and gone on some really fun trips. We went to the Lake District for a very memorable training weekend, during which I fell off the bike and had my leg stitched back up, partied with the Brownlee brothers who happened to be staying in the same place as us, and managed to climb ‘the struggle’ (with the stiches in). I now have very high expectations for our Easter training holiday in Mallorca!

The BUCS (inter-university) competitions are the focus of our club training and everyone is encouraged to take part as it’s a great day out. I really enjoyed doing the duathlon and it was nice to see some familiar faces from home (even if they are on the enemy squad). In fact, I am having such a good time being part of the club that I have applied for a position on committee, putting my Tristars experience to good use.

Will Cunningham: Leeds Beckett University

In September 2017, I moved to Leeds Beckett University to study Sport Exercise Science. Consequently, this is allowing me to further expand my passion in the field of sport science. Being a former triathlete from NYP TriStars I have found great ease in the transition to university from living at home. This has been made easier by joining the Leeds Triathlon  Centre allowing high levels of structure to be maintained in my training.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity in Leeds to train alongside the highest quality athletes in the country, this has taught me that hard work does pay off in the long run. I feel this is very inspiring and motivating to push to become the best that I can possibly be at the sport. The management of time has played a key role in my first year allowing me to fully engage in all my modules to maximise my academic results while still training to a high standard. This has involved very early starts for training, but despite this I feel this crucial and has paid off in the short time I have already been at University which I am happy about.

This winter training in Leeds I have seen the very best of what training in West Yorkshire has to offer from group riding in the hilly Dales to tempo sessions running around fields packed with snow! As a whole my triathlon experience at University has been very positive greatly increasing my passion for the sport. I have learnt lots about all aspects of the sport, while meeting lots of equally passionate triathletes from all around the country at the same time.